HKM Website Launch!

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New Website

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HKM is proud to announce the launch of the new HKM Website. As a long overdue and needed overhaul it has finally been completed to provide more insight into our company culture and capabilities. The website has been in production over the last 4 months and has been a challenge due to our extremely busy work loads and putting customer satisfaction first and foremost. Ultimately it had to get done! A team of people has sifted through 100 years of media and information (which is still being gathered), to have digitized and showcased; There will be more added.

It’s been very nostalgic and touching to go through this process for a lot of people in HKM including the Maguire’s who have had 4 generations of family dedicate their services to HKM. Looking at old photos and faces has brought sentimental stories to light and amazing recollections as to how the industry has changed over so many years.

We can’t wait to share our Stories with everyone!

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