Vancity Branch 26 - HKM

Vancity Branch 26


Built in: 2008
Square feet: 5,500 Sq/ft
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Make Good Money.

This Credit Union features Bank Kiosks, Conference Center, Lounge, and a Multitude of offices located in the downtown Richmond business hub. The busy location required the facility be operational at all times which was facilitated by an extensive night crew and refined communication plan with the Owner, Project Team, and Building Occupants to ensure a smooth course of construction occurred. The modern style look was designed by Ratio Architecture and featured new construction assemblies as the seamless suspended ceiling and many custom mill-work features. With vibrant colors and a clean and streamlined deign, the space offers its occupants a comfortable setting to conduct their daily business operations.


Vancity Savings




Completed 2015

Green Construction and Sustainability is a top priority of HKM’s. With every project, we strive to include Best Green Building Practices to serve our clients and the communities regardless of what’s in the specifications.

Thinking Green

This project followed several LEED standards and resulted in a Landfill Diversion rate of over 90%. This was conducted¬†stockpiling materials at HKM’s staging property until a substantiated amount of materials was able to be recycled by local service providers.


Canada Green Building Council BC Construction Employers First Nations Careers Council First Nations Careers Council Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society Canadian Healthcare Engineering Society