Our Story

100 Years of Success

Since 1916, Hodgson King & Marble Ltd. has completed thousands of construction projects through-out British Columbia. Our business is founded on the principles of people and partnership. Our long-term staff retention is testament to the value that we place on their contributions and their importance to our success. This same commitment to integrity also defines our approach to client relations. We understand that their success has been the key to our ongoing success and we believe that by creating an environment of respectful partnership, we will continue to serve our clients, our employees and our community in the best way possible for generations to come.

Our Approach

At Hodgson King & Marble Ltd. we do more than simply construct buildings. We work to provide service so exceptional that you’ll come back to us again – and share your experience with others. It’s a sound strategy when you consider that most of our work is either with or referred to us by existing clients.

We use a variety of delivery methods at HKM– including Construction Management, Design-Build and General Contracting – to take projects from concept to completion and save our clients time and money.

Early involvement puts 100 years of experience to our clients’ advantage

We start by getting involved in projects early in the design phase, taking responsibility for cost estimating, budgeting, value management, scheduling, bid management, and contract administration. Bringing our expertise to the table early means tapping into more than 100 years of experience to recommend systems and materials, evaluate alternate designs, accurately estimate construction costs and get the best bids.

A collaborative approach that builds on individual strengths

Each team member — client, architect and constructor — brings specific knowledge and strength to the project team. Our collaborative approach builds on these strengths, enabling all members to work closely and efficiently as a team specifically assembled to deliver the project. We believe that integrating design and construction processes is beneficial to everyone. By balancing function, budget and design, we are able to deliver high user satisfaction.

Treat people right and everybody wins

At Hodgson King & Marble Ltd., we go out of our way to treat everybody right — not just our customers. We believe that we are only as good as our workforce and our subcontractors. That’s why we invest more than the industry average in training. Because we care about our people, we make sure they know how to work safely and have a safe place to work. A safe job is better organized, more productive, and delivers high quality results – benefiting everyone.

We value teamwork, mutual respect and communication both internally and externally. Company goals, plans and prospects are shared with all employees so they know what to expect. We treat our subcontractors right too, providing accurate bidding information, scheduling them properly and paying them on time. In return, they give our clients their best. The end result is a stable, experienced workforce that shares our values and provides exceptional service to our clients. It’s an approach that works.