BC Hydro Tenant Improvement

Strathmore Lodge Elevator Modernization
February 5, 2018

Sunshine Coast Tenant Improvement

HKM has served BC Hydro since 1994 working on multiple Tenant Improvements and other Construction Projects of all disciplines. This Tenant Improvement was just recently finished in Sechelt over the course of 6 months. With the space being originally built in the 1970’s, demolition included a large amount of hazardous abatement and air quality testing prior to construction commencing. Typically HKM would have no problem work with the Occupants in the space however a full abatement of the building was the best solution so HKM build a standby modular office for the employees while Construction took place. The building interior was completely demolished leaving a bare shell which was fit out with new Structural Upgrade, Disabled Lift, Kitchen and Lounge area, Conference Rooms, and new Furniture Partition System.

Design By

Design was completed by Kasian and reflected an ongoing refresh standard for BC Hydro.

Sleek and Simple Bathrooms were installed using Green Building Materials and were designed for the Operational requirements of the Line Crews.


The Space looks nothing like the original and has been received by the staff in great appreciation.

Built in: 2016
Square feet: 14,000 Sq/ft

Client: BC Hydro and Power Authority
Location: Sechelt
Status: Completed 2016