Powerex Tenant Improvement

BC Hydro Corporate Headquarters
February 2, 2018

Building an Energy Market.

As an epicenter of energy trading in the global markets, Powerex stands proud in Vancouver’s downtown core. The busy location required the facility be operational at all times which was facilitated by an extensive night crew and refined communication plan with the Owner, Project Team, and Building Occupants to ensure a smooth course of construction occurred. Green Construction and Sustainability is a top priority of HKM’s. With every project, we strive to include Best Green Building Practices to serve our clients and the communities regardless of what’s in the specifications.

Thinking Green

This project followed several LEED standards and resulted in a Landfill Diversion rate of over 90%. This was conducted stockpiling materials at HKM’s staging property until a substantiated amount of materials was able to be recycled by local service providers.

Built in: 1984
Square feet: 18,000 Sq/ft

Client: Powerex
Location: Vancouver
Status: Completed 2012