Tenant Improvements

Interior Renovations

HKM has been a successful Construction Manager for Tenant Improvements for 100 years. Owners, Architects, and Corporations throughout BC have used our services to better their Commercial Spaces repeatedly. We have developed a niche for our Tenant Improvements and refined our approach to a degree unparalleled by other contractors. We treat each and every Tenant Improvement Project as though we were building one of our own Homes ensuring Dedication to Quality as our top priority.


We have completed Tenant Improvements in some of the most sensitive spaces. Occupied floors, operational businesses, presidential corporate offices, and others are just some of the areas. Every step of way, HKM maintains a conscious awareness of our impact to surrounding people and their environments. Noise, Air Quality, and Visual distractions are but some of the things we take into account when completing a project.


You can breathe easier knowing HKM will take the responsibility of the entire project off your shoulders so you can continue your job without interruption.

HKM completes Tenant Improvements of all sorts from Small Retail to Multi-Floor Tower Renovations. Our dedicated Interior Space Renovations Teams are long standing and have a proven success record in Corporate Towers, Commercial Spaces, Retail Stores, Financial Institutions, Government Buildings and Facilities, High Security Locations, and Specialty Projects such as Data Centers.